I’m running late for a commitment, so I can’t expound on the day in my usual deathless way. It will have to suffice to say that i spent a good block of time in the backyard with the continuing reformation of the southeast corner into a potentially usable space.

Little did I know my excavations would yield up another trove of bottles:


Four of them to be exact, along with two marbles and another fragment from a dish of some sort. The brown bottles on either end seem to be elderly as opposed to the plastic-capped ones in the middle. The really interesting thing is that the green one is still full of pills of some sort (no I haven’t yet opened it to see what they might be).

But the supercool unique find was this teaspoon, uncovered late in the shovelings:


What’s supercool about a spoon? Well, check out the details:

An interesting insignia at the end of the handle

International Silver Company stamp
International Silver Co. stamp on the underside.

Beverly Hilton
The Beverly Hilton stamp on the underside.

While there’s nothing to indicate it’s actually anything but a piece of stainless flatware, I’m still just bamboozled as to how a teaspoon from the Beverly Hilton Hotel ended up buried in our backyard, and for how long?