Today marks the conclusion of the seventh week of my diet. And though I skipped last week’s weigh-in (on purpose), I didn’t stop eating healthy or increasing my exercise output. I had five straight sub-2,000 calorie days this past week and walked three miles a day for those five days — with a strenuous 17-mile bike ride on Thursday. Of course it also helped that there was no repeat of the cookie dough crisis, nor any visits to Mexican restaurants and certainly not a Monte Cristo sandwich to be found.

Having hit 251 on January 29 only to strangely put back a pound the following week and be frustratingly stuck at 252 from then on, I stepped on the scale this morning and dared the machine to tell me something good. It did, showing me:


Booo-Yah! That’s eight pounds down in two weeks for a total of 16 pounds lost since I began this on January 8. Or to put it in another perspective I’m now more than halfway to my first-round goal of losing 30 pounds by July 1. On a more personal level, I’m very proud to have finally busted into the double digits(and straight out of the 250s) in such a big way.

I’m gonna do my best to stick to my decision only to weigh-in every two weeks (especially since “historically” any big drops are usually followed by a period of, shall we say: “stabilization”), but my restoked exhiliration may find me stepping on the scale next Sunday. We’ll see.

Anyway, I feel great and I’m looking forward to climbing further down the staircase into the 230s… however long that may take.