I’ll keep it simple… mostly.  With the new streamlined computer came the need to streamline the workspace. In a nutshell, that meant losing not only the old eMac, but the PowerMac 7600 that I kept around just for old time’s sake. That also meant getting rid of the improvised desk that was basically a slab of wood (the top of a desk whose legs had long since broken) sitting somewhat precariously upon a computer workstation, a relic given to me by Jim Laris who was the publisher of the Pasadena Weekly for whom I worked until he sold it to the Times.

Anyway, I started early installing the set of desk legs I got from IKEA yesterday and then an under-desk keyboard drawer, and only finished the long day a couple hours ago.

Here’s the before at 8 a.m. and the after at 6:30 p.m.:



Do you know it’s been almost five years since I’ve had an actual space to extend my legs? Heaven! Even with all those wires dangling down there.

And the new computer is a blast. A firewire cable between the eMac and the iMac was all I needed to transfer everything from one to the other. That alone saved me four or five hours spent rounding up old application install and upgrade discs of yore. Nice.

The first thing I did was go to iTunes and download last week’s missed episode of Lost.  Then I let it gobble up my disc of Felix Mendelssohn and spit out the overture of The Hebrides.