Walking up Maltman today I found a new granddaddy (see image below) of my current curb-level fixation with concrete carvings, which I dubbed Streetfiti in my post a couple days ago over on Blogging.la. I’ve even gone and created a public Streetfiti Group over on Flickr to post my growing collection of snapshots like this one:


Typically a paving company’s imprint wouldn’t necessarily qualify, but with someone (the stamper perhaps?) hand-adding the date of the actual stamping: March 17, 1929… dang! That’s more than 77 years ago!

A block later just south of Marathon, Shadow and I encountered an excellent pair of aligator lizards sunning themselves on the sidewalk. One of them split into the shrubs as we drew nearer, but the one furthest from us actually hung out until we were practically right on top of it.


Nice! A shot of both of them from a distance can be found viewed here.