Mi hermano de los diarios electronicos, Rodger Jacobs, not content to just take the question “What do you covet?” posed by blogging birthday gal Adrienne Crew and run with it solo has instead seen fit to turn it into a meme and tag me with it. Helpless to resist, I can do nothing but answer his call to come clean about five things I blatantly and unashamedly materialistically wantwantwantwantwant (in no real order):

1. A cherry 1972 Chevy Impala convertible or a 1972 Pontiac Catalina both convertibles, both with the 400-cubie engine. Either preferably in black with white interior. Why? When my relatives visited from Tennessee back in the summer of that year my mother rented one for us to all go to Disneyland in. That’s three adults and four kids. And we sailed down to the Happiest Place on Earth with the top down in this dreamboat. It was my first automotive love and I’ve wanted one ever since.

2. A free-standing hammock, like this one.

3. A Segway. Top of the line and decked out with all the bells and whistles.
4. A Canon EOS 20Da Digital Camera — and every available lens for it.
5. A summer in Italy. No, a year.