I’ve been stubbornly holding steady at 218 with occasional visits back up to 220 over the past couple weeks, so I was getting used to the idea that I’d be here a bit longer than expected. Thus it was with a bit of gleeful surprise when an impromptu step upon the platform of truth (otherwise known as the scale) today yielded a result of 216, leaving me but one pound from my second stage goal and waaaaaay crazy ahead of schedule. Let’s put it this way. I originally planned back in January when I was 260 to lose 30 pounds by July 1 and the next 20 by October 1 with the final 15 gone by the first day of 2007. Then when I lost the first 30 plus two more by the end of March and entered second stage territory I kept the original first-stage deadline but opted to shave five pounds off the second stage goal because I thought dropping another 15 in three months was much more realistic than 20. Now I have a solid chance of getting rid of that five in the next five weeks and standing loud and proud before the world an entire 50 pounds healthier when Susan and I take our road trip to Montana and back.