I’m always relieved when I finish a writing assignment. Whether it’s the best thing I’ve ever written or just an exercise in going through the motions, when I put a story to bed it’s as if the biggest burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thus before I put myself to bed last night, I cracked the whip and stayed up until I had first said rock-a-bye to my latest scribing gig, making this wide-open morning with my baby that much more enjoyable.

With yesterday’s hawk back and being pestered and strafed by some mockingbirds none to happy with the raptors proximity to their home, Susan and Shadow and I set out for a walk up Silver Lake Boulevard to the reservoir that culminated with breakfast of iced cofffees and a fried-egg sammich for me and an omelette for Susan at the precious Back Door Bakery & Cafe. I just love that place. Sitting there at a sidewalk table in the shade of a pepper tree watching the neighborhood go by is just the right way to spend a bit of the morning.


As for the rest of the day, I’m thinking I’m gonna book me some hammock time later and if for some strange reason I become particularly motivated to do something productive I just might drag the clubs over to the driving range and/or transplant a couple potted plants into the backyard and side garden.

And/or not.