I made mention a couple days ago that my webcam hath risen. Little did I realize then that the latest EvoCam software upgrade I purchased includes a built-in Web server and the ability to stream video. So if you thought the stills of me sitting at my desk and typing were beyond exciting, then get a load of this before I take it down from crashing my computer or making it more susceptible to hacking and such.

UPDATE (06.24.06): Nah, after several days of tinkering, the only conclusions I’ve come to are I’m either too lame to figure it out, or it’s bullshit complicated to be figured out (perhaps a bit of both). The realtime video stream only works internally within the home network and isn’t visible from the outside. Dang.

UPDATE (06.25.06): Weeeeelllll, I just may have figured it out. Probably not, but one can dream, can’t one?