Good grief, but the good and fine folks over at Found Magazine move at their own languid pace. More than two years ago Susan and I volunteered to do some grafitti and litter clean-up along the river and in Los Feliz and as we wrapped up the morning’s efforts picking up trash around Marshall High School, I found a funny note from some wanna-be loverboy to the girl with whom he was smitten. As a bonus the piece of paper also contained her door-slam of a reply.

Instantly recognizing its potential as a Found item, I brought it home and scanned it and e-shipped it off for their consideration… and heard nothing in reply other than perhaps a “thanks for the submission.” Time passed and I’d long ago given any thought to the thing until this arrived in my inbox on June 21:

Hello to our all-star finders! Guess what? We totally love your find. We love it so much, in fact, that we’ve put it on our website for the whole world to love and to cherish. Congratulations! Woooo!!!

Rather than a link directly to where the find could be found online, the note goes on to give instructions on how to track it down by heading over to the website and plugging in my name. Sure enough up pops the page with the image:


Along with my comments about how I came upon it. Well it’s about time.