Wasn’t as motivated this morn as I have been when getting up at 5 a.m. to go meet my fellow IAAL•MAF‘ers for our regular Tuesday post-dawn tour around the Silver Lake Reservoir, but as one of the more important items on my pre-trip To Do List is to top 700 miles on The Phoenix’s odometer (which stood at 675.7 after yesterday’s rounds), I managed to drag myself out of bed and get a move on at 6 a.m. for some solo spinning chaperoned by a gorgeous sunrise over the glassy smoooth still waters of the man-made lake.

Four vigorous nonstop times around later and back home the odie showed 687.3 and if I manage to take care of the bulk of my remaining pre-trip business today (which must now include having to haul my Mac’s suddenly W-less and 2-less keyboard to the nearest Apple Store; I’m using my old eMac’s) I’ll be able to join the gang for what’s become our weekly evening river ride, which will definitely put me very near or over the 700-mile year-to-date mark.

Before my beloved The Phoenix had come along, if anyone had told me I’d ride 70 percent of a thousand recreational and commuting miles in six months on a 53/17* single-gear cycle I’d’ve laughed. Loud.

* 53/17 represents the number of teeth on the front chain ring
and the rear gear, respectively, which from what I understand
is relatively badass.