Yesterday afternoon, when getting home from some errands with and for my mom, I found the side of the mailbox tagged in orange paint. I can’t be certain but the scribble looked to be “a pouch.” Maybe “4 ponch.” Hard to say.

The hmmmm part comes in because it certainly wasn’t there as I cleaned the red crap off the garage door yesterday morning.  I specificallly remember looking at the panel as I hosed everything down and it wasn’t marred with any grafitti. So between then and that afternoon, someone came by and made there mark. Was today’s tagger and yesterday’s splasher one and the same maggot?

I’ll probably never know — especially since I went down this morning and after unsuccessfully trying to scrape it off I disappeared it with a coat of paint to the mailbox’s unfinished and slowly rusting sides. Midway through a lady walked by and asked me how I was doing.

“Fine, and you?”

Great, thank you. And you’re doing a great job!”

“I’m trying my best,” I replied.