Sometime last year Susan did some thinning of the planter box by the porch steps and out went a collection of stunted, ingrown aloe plants that weren’t dead but weren’t thriving either. So I picked the sturdiest looking one of the bunch and plunked it down into a hole I dug in the backyard… an equally unideal spot. But as aloe is so often able to do, it grew some roots and kept on going.

With our pup Ranger’s proven ability to dig up just about anything I could see the future of this poor little plant, and it wasn’t pretty. So I extracted it from the ground as carefully as I could found it a pot, loaded it up with potting soil and gave this little long-muddling aloe plant a much-deserved place in the sun:


P.S. Judging from the large number of babies it’s bearing already the loquat tree (or at least the parts of it that hang over into our yard) looks like it’ll be producing another bumper crop again this spring, too: