Agh. So yesterday I was half-assedly plotting my two-wheeled to-and-from commute for this morning — and I got up early enough to do so — but I’ll probably hold off until next week and try to get my shit together enough to mass transit myself there and back instead.

Today would’ve been the best day though, what with it looking like rain later in the work week and tomorrow night being one of the scheduled events of the week-long Bike Winter put on by cycling advocate extraordinaire Stephen Box.

But I’ll just leave the driving to the MTA today, because for as much as I enjoy riding there’s logistics involved with getting to work by bike. Not just mapping out the relatively safest route (there and back), but the packing of the work clothes, shoes, lunch et cetera. On top of that I don’t want to be showing up to start my second day of work sporting a severe case of helmet head to a bunch of people who might not otherwise understand why I’d present myself in such a state of disarray, never mind wonder why I’d actually ride my bike such a long way.

So yes it’s the No. 4 bus to the Blue Line to the Green Line to El Segundo for me today. And then back again. I may not be able to take advantage of the calorie burn that 30-plus miles of biking will give me, but at least I’ll keep some pollution out of the air and those miles off my odometer, which by the way stands at 98,530-something and I am still hoping to get to my truck’s 10-year anniversary in July without crossing the 100,000-mile threshold.