Well, it was a unique start to the day to be sure. I’ll spare you the lovely details other than to say it’s not too many sunrises that I greet with long overdue backyard poop-scooping duty, but since I’ve been getting home well after dark these last several weeks and today is trash pick-up day on our block, I answered the call.

Along the way I discovered that Ranger’s been pulling a shawshank and done a dang fine job tunneling about halfway under the south fence. I did only a half-assed job filling in the void because I still had to get packed and ready to bike in to work, the same way I went last week. Don’t know if this trip was smoother this second time because I had a better awareness of the rugged terrain, but it was pleasanter pedaling the whole way.

Getting home will be a different route all together as I’m planning on rolling up to West Hollywood from El Segundo for a 7 p.m. gathering of the Metblog Los Angeles faithful at Barney’s Beanery. Initially I thought about heading west to the bikepath at Dockweiler Beach and going coastal up through the Marina and Venice before coming back inland at Santa Monica. But instead I’ll be opting out of coming up and over the most direct route of La Cienega Boulevard and the plan is to bypass the elevations (and near-freeway like atmosphere) through Ladera Heights and Baldwin Hills and instead head around the horn up Sepulveda to Jefferson on through Culver City and then thread my way up from there to Barney’s near Santa Monica and La Cienega boulevards.