As in six hours, thirty minutes and 36 seconds. That’s how long it took for me to walk the 26.2 miles from the start to the finish of the marathon today. Don’t do the math because I already did, and that time translates into a 14.9-minute mile, meaning I was finally wonderously able to rock a long overdue a four-mph pace — and that’s after barreling over the bike tour course in 70 minutes, getting back up to downtown, changing clothes, and hopping the Red Line to Universal City (where on route I was interviewed by a writer for the Daily News so I’ll be checking to see if my name’s in print in that paper tomorrow).

Obviously there’s a lot more to say(and more than 100 snaps to upload to Flickr, but my legs don’t work and my body’s tweaking around with my core temperture and the clattering chills are payback for the pain I put it through, so other than me throwing down a double thumbs up for my accomplishment and satisfactory physical condition, any report in-depth of otherwise will have to wait.