Last night I rolled with Ride-Arc’s monthly ride as planned. It was a doozy full of a lot of miles and information. Left the house at 8:40 p.m. to meet my friends Steve and Alice for the cruise down to the gathering point inside the Arts District downtown and from there we set out with 150 or so other cyclists on a tour of some of the city’s site’s of disobedience civil and otherwise.

By the time I got home at 2:40 a.m. I was both wired and beat and found myself going through the motions of downloading pix off my cam and up onto the internut. A couple of the locations early on were conducive to sweep in a series of snaps that lended themselves to panorams, including this long vertical one after the jump of the cyclists gathered at the west entrance of City Hall.

Visiting places like the South Central Farm and the East Los Angeles park where the Chicano Moratorium took place in 1970 were parts of a powerful experience and though pretty beat I found sleep elusive until it caught up with me and I woke near dawn still in my chair at my desk.

I crawled into bed and got a couple hours more sleep but as one can imagine I’m pretty beat… too much so to do any more than try to shake the sleep drought from my head in time to get ready to go to the Blessing of the Animals down at Olvera Street in about an hour.