Just a quick hit from TV Land.

So far everything’s going how I envisioned it on American Idol. Last night Seacrest drops that 35 million people voted, up two mil from last week (which was up three mil from the week before) just as I predicted it would be. Next, Sanjaya — who made a great song choice Tuesday and turned in a performance even his mediocre talents couldn’t destroy — wasn’t even in the bottom three, just as I said he wouldn’t be. And who was in that dreaded category: exactly who I said would get gone before Sanjaya: Haley, Phil and Chris.

Chris was safe, which I figured he’d be. But I’ll admit I was surprised that Haley got the hook before Phil. I thought her eye-candy factor would offset her Kathy Lee Gifford talent and keep her around longer than the Batboy.

Oh well, he’ll go next week.

Who dah man? I’m dah man.

Am I obsessed? Oh yes.