Thankfully yesterday’s and night’s winds have seemed to dissipate, the better to enable today’s endurathon in which I will rack upwards of 50 miles before the day is done thanks to tonight’s IAAL•MAF Invitational No. 4.0 that will be embarking from the Arts District for East L.A. and points south.

First I’ll be two-wheeling to work this way (16.7 miles). Then at 5:30 I’ll commence rolling across town to the Arts District this way (15.7 miles). Then there’s the group ride itself, which goes this way (14.9 miles) ending at Little Tokyo’s Joy Mart for beer and the best onion rings evar before tacking on about three miles more back to Silver Lake.

All in, it roughly comes to 50.6 miles, not counting any tangental stuff I may do downtown to kill time before the 8 p.m. start of the invitational.