With travel (and its myriad preparations) so forefrontal on my mind I’m actually glad my gig in The ‘Gundo is coming to a close today… the better for me to actually get ready to go instead of just thinking about it.

But beyond procrastinating I’m also guilty of looking back at the past places my love Susan and I have been this last couple years. In doing so I wanted to share the following image or a red colobus motherĀ  with infant in the Jozani National Forest of Zanzibar, one of the thousands we took on our honeymoon in Africa in 2005 (click to enlarge):


And if I somehow find the time before I go, I’ll finally upload the pix, video and story I wrote about our Rwanda excursion that was passed on by the L.A. TimesĀ  as well as several travel magazines.