Mocking The Mockingbirds

As I wrote Monday, there’s an ongoing saga between the mockingbirds that have nested nearby and our cat Jiggy who thrives on tormenting them with a nonchalant front that drives the rightfully territorial birds to madly and bravely put themselves at risk in almost entirely vain attempts to drive Jiggy away by divebombing him and filling the air with shrill cries that I finally realized were mimicking the call of certain raptors such as red-tailed hawks.

While I find it fascinating that mockingbirds would adopt such a sound, and I’m sure it might be effective in striking fear into some of the local wildlife only all too familiar with what that noise portends, in Jiggy’s case it just doesn’t mean a whole helluva lot, as shown in this vidclip I got and YouTube’d this morning.

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