Though I’d been hoping for a Thursday or Friday delivery, the Shimano UN54 bottom bracket and Suntour Cyclone 7000 160mm road crankset I ordered from Harris Cyclery to replace the ones I ordered from Nashbar whose failure contributed strongly to me crashing June 8 arrived early this afternoon and The Phoenix in a matter of minutes went from this:


To this:


Other stuff that the spill made necessary to replace were: handlebars and grip tape, rear brake cable, and the special Minoura tube-mounted clamp for a waterbottle cage the replacement of which I had at the ready because in my infinite foresight ordered two when I found them last year (The Phoenix’s Yamaguchi frame was made sometime in the mid-1970s before tubes were pre-drilled and machined and bottle cage-ready. In addition to that I put on a new seat I’d had for a little whilenew pedals, and decided that it was high time to replace the chain as well.

It’ll be interesting to see how big a difference the relatively minor measurement changes of the bars and cranksmight will make to the bike’s ride and feel. Previously I had 40-cm wide bars and the new ones are 42. And the new cranks are 160mm, whereas the originals were 175mm. While that might not seem like much, the longer bars and shorter pedal circumference could take some getting used to.