Influenced perhaps by my recent avian encounters, my friend Stephen loaned me what looks to be a marvelous book titled “Providence Of A Sparrow,” by Chris Chester and after finishing Jonathan Kellerman’s unsatisfying “Gone” and promptly feeding it to the recycle bin I seemed ready to dive into the memoir that stems from the discovery of a baby sparrow and how it brings about a reawakening to the wonder of life and wildlife.

But it’s gonna have to wait because I made the mistake of starting John Gregory Dunne’s “True Confessions” (ordered because of my disappointment with the plot of the movie that I finally saw for the first time earlier this month) and it pretty much had me at the opening line of “None of the merry-go-rounds seem to work anymore.”

Only a few pages into it and I can already tell it’s going to have the depth and definition that the film’s makers either couldn’t or weren’t allowed to bring to the screen.