So there’s a get together at the buzz-inducing new Seven Grand bar downtown and on Thursday I’m scheduled to be one of the readers at the L.A. Bloggers Live gathering in Los Feliz Village… the latter being something I oh-what-the-hell’d and signed on to go from spectator to participant in the throes of  a particularly inhibition-reducing beverage of the rum persuasion.

Despite occasionally mulling over the matter and subsequently wondering what the hell I’d been thinking in making such decisions while intoxicated I had not so much as a clue how or with what I was going to fill my five-minutes (or less) time slot. Then this afternoon, I decided to bike to both events — and in doing so a light bulb went off and illuminated the path leading to a decision: the selection must be pedal-powered.

And I’ve found just the one. What a relief, except for the fact that now I have to read it in front of a bunch of people most of whom probably don’t know me or my blog.

P.S. After Ranger stepped on a piece of broken glass in the backyard during a fetch break (she’s OK) I went crazy with the rake intent on de-glassing the backyard (it’s like a minefield out there and I don’t really know why it became so littered). Of course I didn’t come even close, but I did locate a few dozen shards and such. And oh yeah, I found an old Zippo lighter, a hook, a fragment of an old ceramic knicknack, another Batchelder tile. a cople bones, a braided wire thing, an old pull-top, couple screws, a small metal plate and some buttons: (click to enlarge):