If You Kain’t Paint It — Duck It!

With some 2,600 miles logged on The Phoenix since I first started riding her at the beginning of last year, it was inevitable that the rattle-can paintjob with which I renewed her would eventually show signs of decay — accelerated by the unavoidable drops, scrapes and other such points of impact she was bound to encounter.

I had been toying with the idea of taping off the more egregious looking scratches on the frame and spraying on a couple coats of fresh day-glo orange, but that was before I was in Baller Hardware on Hyperion in Silver Lake earlier this week. Call it serendipity, but while going down an aisle that served no purpose but to get me to the back corner of the store where the nails are, blessed be the D-I-Y gawdz for out of the corner of my cornea I spied a stack of rolls of bright orange duct tape, or rather what I like to call “white trash touch-up.”

Tain’t a perfect match, but it’ll doofer now, son. It’ll doofer now.