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Susan and I walked to and from the last day of the Lotus Festival at Echo Park Lake today, in part because we’d never been and even moreso because we volunteered to be a part of Team Metroblogging Los Angeles in the dragon boat races that run the north south length of the lake.

The good news is that while we won our head-to-head race, finishing at 8:17 a good 20 seconds ahead of our competition, the bad news is we came in second in our bracket — the media division. Why is that bad news? Because there were only two teams, and first place went to the KTLA team which about an hour after we crossed the finish line zoomed out and back during their race in 6:59.

Oh well, it’s not every day you get to climb into a boat that’s got a dragon head in the front and a tail off the bow and row around Echo Park, plus it was as much fun as it was a workout.

Afterward Susan and I took in the sights and sounds before heading on back home through the heat.

The Flickr photoset of the day is here. Susan’s is here.