Back in February things frankly weren’t looking good for The Bink.  Drastic loss of appetite and weight loss brought him to the vet where we learned in addition to a hairball in his stomach the size of a golf ball and an enlarged liver, an X-ray revealed he’d been shot by an asshole with a pellet gun, the projectile of said firearm still lodged in his hip (thankfully harmlessly).

But we never gave up hope and Susan never gave up force-feeding her beloved buddy and slowly but surely he’s made a remarkable rebound. He’s bulked up a bit, he’s eating on his own and just last week he did something huge in venturing outside in the backyard for the first time since  his 12-straight day and night outing last September (thankfully this time he didn’t hesitate to come back on in).

Today I opted to keep everyone with four leg indoors, but in another minor milestone, Bink decided to come out of bedroom that is his sanctuary and station himself on  the chippendale sofa beneath the back bay window: