Juuuuuuuust in case the errant interested party hasn’t seen my postings saturating the internuts (on Blogging.la, Midnightridazz.com, Bikeboom.com and Bikenow.org), here’s the info on the IAAL•MAF’s next spinvitational (No. 6.0), which aims to pick up where next Friday’s regularly scheduled RIDE-Arc unfortunately has had to leave off, canceled due to its lead organizer and chief bottle washer’s injury.

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On September 7 we’ll be covering a 16-mile course (hand-carved route map after the jump) that will include every bridge over the Los Angeles River from Washington Boulevard (built 1930) near Vernon to Broadway (Built 1911; as seen in the ride’s flyer art whose modified 1955 photograph is from the awesomely morbid book Scene Of The Crime) north of Chinatown. And in homage to RIDE-Arc ‘s format we will be providing the occasional details into the bridges’ history and design.

There aren’t many people in this town that can say they’ve bike across all 10 of downtown bridges in one trek — and at night! — won’t you join us?