I’m not sure if I’ll make it a habit of chronicling our avocado tree seedling’s progress, but here it is going strong five days after the previous photo:


The informational page on cultivating avocado seeds that I’d been accessing for guidance gets a little vague around this point:

“When the roots are substantial and the stem top has had a chance to re-grow leaves (after at least one pruning), your baby avocado tree is ready to be planted in soil.”

That may sound all well and good, but the trouble is to me the roots are already leaning towards substantial but there’s no details to back up that parenthetical about pruning, and so I’m all “Pruning so soon!?” To me that would be like giving a newborn baby a haircut.

Thankfully Susan went searching for other sources and found one that recommended just planting the seed after the baby leaves had developed (basically a couple more weeks) — no pruning until the shoot had reached a foot in height.

That sounds more like it.