So I met up last night with my friend Elson, who I’ve become acquainted with through various RIDE-Arc and Midnight Ridazz rides. He was bummed because he wasn’t able to make last Friday’s “10 Bridges” ride and so we reconnoitered at Union Station and did an abbreviated version through downtown. Here’s a five-second shot I got looking west toward downtown from Jackson Street where it deadends into the L.A. River (with The Phoenix hamming into the frame; click to quadrapolate):


Yes, that’s right. I did bike to work in the morning (discovering a route variation that included the marvelous qualities of Redondo Avenue down to Jefferson, as well as a couple miles along the Ballona Creek Bikeway), then put in a full shift and then took a long bus ride downtown to bike some more. Some call that weird. I call it a good day.