Earlier in the week I posted about the third cheapass decanter for our three-month-old coffeemaker to break while in the simple act of cleaning it, and how entirely fed up I decided to write and demand the fine folks at Mr. Coffee send me a free replacement or lose me as a consumer forever.

Surprise: they wrote back in empathy (or in plausibly deniable recognition that the quality of those specific decanters is sub-par) and are actually going to send me one on the house… which should arrive in two to three weeks.

Such a slow shipping time is laughably ridiculous, but as a show of goodwill in their willingness to make good, I went to a local big box retailer and bought a new one. If nothing else when this one breaks — and it will break (I should start a deadpool) — I’ll have a back up. And when that one breaks — and it will also — then I’ll just chuck the coffeemaker and go get one with a decent thermal carafe that can withstand the obvious rigors I inflict on it in the kitchen sink.