Very much the pleasant flight home last night and a nice surprise to find it raining when the plane landed at 9:35 p.m. While shuttling from the airport back to my truck parked out by the Crowne Plaza Hotel I figured it was just localized sprinkles, but it kept up pretty much all the way out of the LAX area and across L.A.

But if there was any of even the slightest remaining desire to get on my bike and attempt to catch-up with the Midnight Ridazz, it was combo-quashed by the massive gridlock around downtown that kept me from getting home until after 11 p.m., and the little storm cell over Silver Lake that was bringing the rain down relatively steady when I finally pulled into the garage. That, and it was so wonderful to be greeted by Susan and the dawgz and catz, I couldn’t imagine being away from them for another minute.