It’s coming up on two years since our passion for bicycling brought us to meet at the Echo Park Christmas Parade where a contingent of Bike Kitchen devotees were invited to lead the event. Since then Stephen Roullier and I have logged a lot of miles together, but few more awesome than last night when to celebrate his birthday we gathered at Scoops for ice cream before a baker’s dozen or so bikers set out on a 15-mile cruise from East Hollywood into downtown and then up to the top of Elysian Park where the night was a beautiful and the views spectacular, like this one (click to quadruplicate):


We had to deal with some failing innertubes along the way, but all worked out and after making our way through the dark park (and across a location shoot for the series “Bones”) we ended up at the Gold Room on Sunset where the good folks there were giving away carne asada tacos and the occasional tequila shot. One of those, three Pabst’s and a chorus of “Happy Birthday To You” later the party broke and I was rolling home at 1 a.m. from the most perfect birthday celebration ever.

Flickr photoset here.