“That’s Why I Hate Cyclists”

Lawd knows I don’t spare the rod when it comes to ranting about the level of craptasticity I encounter among drivers from the saddle of my bike. I have the same reaction when I’m impeded by lane-hogging joggers and walkers I’ve met both on the L.A. River Bikeway and much closer to home on the Sunset Boulevard bike lane through Silver Lake.

Lest I be falsely considered entirely biased towards cyclists as angels of perfection who can do no wrong ever, allow me to introduce you to this pair of students I encountered committing my pettest of noob-cycling peeves while I was coming around the bend from 30th to McClintock near USC a few weeks ago in the midst of recording my morning bike commute:


The above reeeeeaally blurry image is a still from the short handlebar-mounted shakycam videoclip, which I posted to YouTube:

You’ll find my closing sentiment expresses things pretty succinctly.

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