In my webcammings of late I’ve been pointing the camera through a window out into the side garden at a makeshift birdbath that I set up awhile ago during some particularly nasty hot and dry spell. To my consterned surprise the effort went entirely ignored for a few weeks by what turned out to be a very wary and I guess not too thirsty local avian community.

Then, as if having cleared some sort of unspoken probationary period the birds started dropping in for dips and sips. Trouble is with the rare exception the webcam mostly captures and serves up birdless stills of the rippling water, so as a way of proving the installation is being utilized I’ve cobbled together a little slideshow montage of images of a little yellow-hued bird who is probably the most regular visitor.


I’ve set the series of 10 images (culled over about a three-minute period yesterday afternoon) to loop continually, and as it unspools I hope it brings some happiness to your day. It sure did to mine. Because in this big bad world sometimes something as slight as the joy of a playful little bird can give your spirits a lift.