OK, so what you’re seeing in the crap photo above is the back of a pick-up truck driven by a troop-supporting member of the Republican Party of San Diego County (the blurry RSD sticker in the upper right of the rear window tells us so) that I snapped while driving south on Crenshaw Boulevard on the way to work earlier this week. What you’re not seeing at all (and I’m pissed I couldn’t get a decent shot through my dirty windshield while moving at 40mph) is twofold:

1) Evidence that presidential candidate John McCain has apparently gained a foothold with the ESL vote, and

2) How not to display a hand-lettered candidate support sign that could have benefited from being proofread.

First off, the sign (the shape of which can be vaguely made out centered in the campershell window and thus creating a blindspot and being illegal) is posted on the inside of the tinted glass, enhancing it’s almost absolute inability to be read. Second, the enthusiastic writer of the sign — crafted from the side of a cardboard box and written upon with dark ink — demonstrates a marked lack of command of the English language by his use of prepositions.

Instead of going with the more traditional “for,” this McCainiac went with:


With support like that McCain’s a shoe-in. By sure.