Yesterday afternoon I happened to lok up out of my office window and see a red-tailed hawk cruising away from the building I’m in. A trio of pigeons streaking across the sky in the opposite direction made it change course and eventually it ended up as close to directly over my head as it could be where for a moment it held that position and I was able to press up against the glass, cross my fingers and try to hold still enough to snap a really craptastic 12x digitally zoomed shot.

One of the things I love doing with such not-for-public-consumption images is put them through the Photoshop spin cycle where I’ll randomly do and undo and redo a variety of filters and adjustments and effects until I get what most like could be described as a really craptastic fauxtograph. But sometimes I like the illustrative end result enough to post it, like so (click to triplify):