It seems as if I’ve been freelancing in various capacities for the L.A. Times for the last couple months, as an agent, writer and photographer — not that I’ve gotten paid for any of those efforts.

First I was contacted to recommend a bicycle advocate who might be available to write a brief op-ed piece and I recommended my friend the indefatigable Stephen Box and they said cool and he wrote a great piece on why bikes rule, which was payment enough. But these other two? Showing me even a token woulda been nice.

Next on deadline crunch at my real job I was contacted to partake in a five-day Dust Up debate on on the pros and cons of biking in the big city… which essentially involved me penning five 500ish-word columns either pointing or counterpointing whatever the topic was.

At around the same time I was contacted by someone at L.A. Times magazine looking for permission to use this photo at right that I snapped of Susan and the Silver Lake reservoir last April when the meadow was opened to the public for one day. The person at the Times wanted to use it as part of a photo illustration to accompany an article on the plans to turn the meadow into a public park slated to open this summer.

The article is supposed to be in tomorrow’s paper, but it’s already online. Turns out they cropped Susan from the published image, pfffft.