With the news today that the brakes I ordered won’t even ship until Wednesday at the earliest but very likely Friday, I decided I couldn’t wait no more and so went to work moving the Tektro calipers off my Giant roadie and onto the new ride, then made a late night trip to Orange 20 Bikeshop to pick up new cables, which I installed while watching the new “Terminator” series and then taped up the bars and put her by the front door for the night

Here she is this morning. Ready for her close-up (click to quadruplify):


In short, I’ll be inaugurating her today first by pedaling over to my polling place to…


…and then heading on into work.

UPDATE (12:40 p.m.): This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership. She did  excellently and felt great on the ride in. The 48-tooth chainring paired with the 16-tooth freewheel doesn’t differ much in feel and power from the The Phoenix’s 53-18 set.  If anything it’s a touch easier getting off the line with perhaps only a negligible loss in top-end speed. But I had her doing 27 mph on La Brea approaching Wilshire, which is faster on the flat than I’ve ever had The Phoenix, who usually topped out in the 24-mph range.