What is this about?

Two Lane University

The road between Scotty’s Castle and Highway 190 cuts through a canyon called Grapevine, which should provide a driver some clue that it’s not very speed friendly. Even if the name doesn’t give it away, the road does and quick. The sharp turns along the tight two-laner leaving Death Valley come fast and furious and Coit was betting he could use them to put some increased distance between the ranger in the powerful but lumbering SUV who’d clocked him well into triple digits as he blew past the station on the other side of Mesquite Spring, and given chase accordingly.

If Coit didn’t lose him he’ll have to stop and kill him, and he’d had enough killing for the day. All he wanted now more than more bloodshed was the Nevada border on the other side of the Amaragosa mountains and it looked like he’ just might get it, what with the truck and its flashing light bar dropping back and taking longer and longer to appear around bends Coit had jetted through in his far more nimble Audi. It was like driving on rails. The silenced .380 on the passenger seat barely moved. Neither did the body in the trunk.

Once out of California the road straightened out into a speed demon’s paradise across the flats of Bonnie Clair and the Sarcobatus to Highway 95 where a right would take Coit to Beatty and a left would send him to Reno.

Where more killing awaited.