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How Seen Is My Valley

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

I’ve only been to the 5,475-foot-high Dante’s View in Death Valley once (in 2002) but it is a spectacular place in a park full of spectacles that leaves an indelible impression. One not quite as indelible as the national park’s 11,049-foot Telescope Peak that I summited in 2006, but enough so that when I saw this advertisement in the April issue of a magazine, I had no doubt as to the vista in the final photograph (most likely a composite of a stock image taken at Dante’s View and a studio shot of the woman):


The ad’s headline “Let Your Worries Go,” could be the slogan for Death Valley what with its unmatched, beauty, solitude and serenity. Got to find a way to get back there this year.

First Maggie Bloom

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

The troubling wiltedness of the young magnolia tree in the parkway in front of our house hasn’t kept it from producing a crop of blossoms, the first of which I found popped open this morning (click to triplify):