Warning: horn tooting imminent

Well I missed that by a mile — or 1,500 of them — didn’t I? Not even two weeks into the sixth month of the year and last night I rolled past my goal of 3,000 bicycling miles for 2008.

Officially the new goal is to be at 5280 miles (because I’m one of those that gets a geektickle out of doing stuff like “biking 5,280 feet 5280 times”) by New Years Eve, but I can’t say I’m not looking beyond it already at summitting the 6,000-mile peak.

Random rough-hewn stat: Of the distance I’ve already pedaled, at my truck’s 20 mile per gallon average that translates basically to 150 gallons of gas not used. The temptation is there to multiply that by today’s prices but I’ll just go with a random per-gallon price average of $3.78.

Total amount saved: $567.