My friend Julia inquired recently about how our Russian tortoise Buster might be doing in her new digs:

Buster's New Home

I’m way happy to report she has really taken well to her new 25-square foot outdoor residence. It’s a far far more improved thing than the aquariums she’s lived in since 2001 when my mom found her in her Sherman Oaks backyard. She’s getting loads of natural sunshine and exercise — I’ve even set up a rock-filled pond (OK, so it’s just a water-filled pan with some stones in it) in case she needs a sip.

PS. Last weekend I reinforced the screening material of the roof/door with some old fencing material we had hanging around — the better to keep squirrels and other such critters from getting in as well as to deter any of our cats (namely Pepper and Jig) from stretching out on it and stretching it out.

There’s another pic on Flickr, here.