…Oooooooone Squuuuuuuuaaaaaaashed Thuuuuuuuuumb!


The picture might not do the mash justice, but see that abnormally discolored cloud of sadness within the bed of my thumbnail? Yeah:  hurts like sunovagunzabeech.  Suffice it to say it was bike-repair related and idiocy induced, and by way of a more detailed explanation let’s just go to the series of Twitter posts from the immediate mash aftermath going forward about 20-30 minutes:

  1. Right now I’m really admiring how long the pain lasts after you squish your thumb between the fork and spinning spokes.
  2. Beneath the nail is already some angry black ‘n bluing.
  3. De-Christmasing my bike & giving it a thorough cleaning as well as new front/rear brake pads, and I’m repaid in thumb squished agony? Nofair
  4. It’s one of those hurts were you almost wish the offended digit had just been lopped off. I said almost.
  5. Spewing a stream of invective to rival those which the father was famous for in “A Christmas Story.”
  6. snagdragalbasturdenfrakostenkluntbisquitweavernard!