No one said I was the brightest bulb in the basket, most of all: me.

I’ve had my iPhone since, what… July? And for those months I’ve been confounded whenever I’d attempt to transfer music and video files to it. See, I kept on attempting the method with which I’d become so familiar in iTunes where I’d simply click and drag an MP3 file from my library and drop it into my iPod’s icon. Easy, peazy.

With my iPhone though it doesn’t work that way. Anytime I’d drag a file over to it, the file would bounce back to its place in the library the moment I let it go. It was like the digital equivalent of trying to get two repelling magnets to grab each other. Frustrating, but since I’m still one o’ them fools who doesn’t really exploit the deep dimensions of a smart phone beyond the occasional text message or phone call or email/web check, this rejection wasn’t enough to get me to work the solution. I’d just shrug and move on.

Enter my DVD purchase a couple weeks ago of one of my favorite films of 2008:  The Dark Knight, which included a bonus “free digital copy,” downloadable from iTunes. A couple days ago I finally took advantage of that and was successful in adding it to my computer’s rapidly shrinking hard drive space — with an eye toward hopscotching it over to my iPhone.

So again and with much trepidation given my past rejections, I hooked the device up, and again I clicked and dragged the file from its place in my iTunes library, and again I tried to drop it into the iPhone’s icon and again iTunes said nope. In my density I repeated those steps. Several times, each time growing more incredulous because what the hell’s the good of a bonus portable digital copy if I couldn’t portable-ize the damn thing!

Sighing deeply I eventually clicked on the iPhone icon and opened up its options and menus and clicked the video tab and it was there that the iSky opened and I learned the proper procedure to move stuff between the two places. Checking the box marked “Sync movies” and I then checked the box marked “The Dark Knight” and then clicked the Apply button. Easy, peazy.

And that is how I finally put the kill to my deathless iFailings and captured the Batman to my iPhone…


And let’s not forget the Joker!