I can’t lay claim to discovering the Dumpster of Fortunes, found where Commercial Street deadends into the Los Angeles River and photo’d and Flickr’d by some intrepid urban explorers a couple/three years ago, but I have paid it several visits since I learned about it — the latest being yesterday’s “Ten Bridges” ride, which thanks to the magique of the inturnipst wasn’t a solo endeavor as I’d figured it would’ve been.

Instead I was very pleasantly surprised to find four morning-minded fellow cyclists — Hap, Alex, Helen and Jared — awaiting my arrival at the start point, and away we went on the viaduct-crossing excursion, the last two bridges of which were not captured on my increasingly glitchy handlebarcam:

When early on Hap dropped the knowledge on me that fortune cookies were invented in Los Angeles (there’s a history of the treats here that also lists San Franciso as the snack’s origin), I knew I had to show him the Dumpster of Fortunes — and hope it hadn’t been emptied yesterday. Thankfully it hadn’t.

While at first it seems entirely incongruous why a large trash receptable pretty much in the middle of nowhere would be almost entirely filled with fortune cookies, the reality is Amay’s Bakery & Noodle Company is located right there and these are their discards.

Next week’s rides will most like be a combo Black Dahlia/Historic West Adams mosey on Saturday, followed by a Los Angeles National Cemetery/Getty Museum cruise on Sunday. More details to come on those.

Hap’s excellent photo album of the ride is viewable here.