Just a couple things discovered whilst making my way through some of the outdoor portion of my morning chores. First up, there used to be a whole mess of aloe plants growing haphazardly in the frontyard planter box at the top of the steps, and it was about three years ago Susan when did some serious thinning to the space and decided to evict the half-dozen or so succulents.

Of them, I picked one and knowing that you could pretty much put aloe anywhere and it’ll thrive, plunked it into a spot in the backyard and after it got dug up by a critter later transplanted it to the pot it’s been in for a couple years now.

For the first time ever ‘ello aloe! It’s telescoped out a bloom — actually two, but this one’s the first to start opening up (click to doublify) :


A few minutes later while watering the northside garden, I caught sight of a big black carpenter bee after it buzzed my head and then hovered for a spell by a pot with an old log in it, disappearing out of sight a few moments later. I stood there waiting for the bee to emerge and fly off, but nothing. No bee. So I hunkered down for a closer look and found it had done what carpenter bees do and carved itself a rather amazing nest into the decaying piece of wood. Either that or it’s a dime-sized portal to another dimension (also click to doublify):


I sat a bit with the cam hoping to catch it emerging from its home, but it didn’t oblige me. Maybe next time.