gunbuttIn the wake of yesterday’s egregious encounter, I’m feeling the need to cleanse the palate by knocking out a long recreational ride I’ve been wanting to do since last year’s July 4th Washington Boulevard trek.

In a nutshell, it’s about a 67-miler that will start in Silver Lake, head across downtown to the 6th Street Bridge, then take Whittier Boulevard out to the San Gabriel River, where I’ll follow its bikeway downstream to Seal Beach and then work my way across Naples into Long Beach along 2nd Street(and its new Sharrow’d lane) then boarding the Shoreline Bike Path on the beach to downtown Long Beach where I’ll get on the L.A. River Bikeway and head inland, with my sights set on Blue Star Restaurant in the Scrap Metal Distict for lunch before heading home.

I’m calling it the Gun Butt Ride because the route looks something like the butt of a gun. Don’t argue with me.

I’ve tweeted about it and posted it to and now tossed it up here in case there are any other hearty early-rising riders interested in joining me for the 6 a.m. departure from Silversun Plaza in Silver Lake. I’m going to try to keep a 15-mph-plus riding pace, but will be taking breaks at the 6th Street Bridge, Pio Pico State Park, the Naples canals, some place along the L.A. River and of course Blue Star for tasty foods and beverages. Estimated arrival time back in Silver Lake: 1 p.m.