gullandmeIn the aftermath of Tuesday’s gull encounter and the amazing reaction it subsequently generated both here and at the post I made about it over at LA Metblogs, I just need to say how deeply moved I am by the outpouring of kind words and appreciation.

That things played out as they did — and so successfully — is something that’s still a bit shocking to me. As some of you may know I fancy myself a roving solo Random Animal Assistance League (oooo, catchy title!), and though a few of my critter encounters have been positive (be it at my house, near downtown or in the wilds of South Los Angeles), most of the animals I come across are sadly not receptive of me. Obviously that never stops me from reaching out, but never in my looniest dreams did I think it would include such a scenario. I’m glad I was there for the gull and able to visually document it as it all unfolded.

Each and every one of you who took the time to award me with your support and encouragement blew me away and made my day, so from the bottom of my heart: Thank You!