Since I haven’t had the opportunity to do much worth noting, such as saving any wildlife in distress this week (not counting three ants in my office that — yes, don’t laugh — I actually caught up and transported down to a planter in the building’s courtyard), here’s a post in which  I go with that letter writing thing again, this time to what I’d presume to be the good people at the cutesy mobile grocery service, after a close encounter with one of their not-so-cutely impatient drivers (hell, maybe their only one) left me feeling a little surlish:


Biking home from work on 4th Street Tuesday evening, the driver of one of your delivery vehicles must have been in quite a hurry to get to his next stop because he sped past me unsafely with little room between us on the dark and narrow street. While I commend your driver’s desire to provide good and timely service, ironically the only thing his aggressive and impatient action got him to quicker was the red light at 4th and La Brea, at which we both ended up waiting.

In the big scheme of things this might seem a minor matter, but for me it was just disturbing enough to decide never to utilize

Perception and first impressions being as important as they are to companies such as yours, will be better served demanding and reinforcing that your frontline delivery personnel operate their vehicles with the utmost care and consideration for everyone they must share the roads with.

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you.

Will Campbell