I’d forgotten about this picture. I took it the week before last week. I’m not sure where this duo came from. Could be they were already in the office, but my guess is that they ended up hitching a ride on my backpack that I’d set down on the ground while I was fixing a flat two miles away that morning. Regardless how they arrived, there they were, wandering around my desk’s top, perhaps trying to figure out where the hell they were, which was 10 floors up above the Howard Hughes Center in Westchester. Not exactly ideal ant stomping grounds.

Some people would ignore them. Some people would kill them. Then there’s me, covering them with a cup to keep them from going anywhere. And then later on at lunch — after taking that macro image — somehow herding them into the cup, and making sure they don’t get out as I shuttle them down the elevator and outside to a planter box that I tap, tap, tapped them into in the building’s courtyard, whose surroundings may have been just as foreign to them but at least was a more proper place for a pair of ants to be ants.

Here’s hoping they hooked up with a local colony that welcomed them with open antennae.